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NEW! Beyond Conflict: Becoming a Co-Parenting Team

Introducing a brand new to Alaska, 9-class series of psychoeducation for high conflict co-parents. These classes may be court ordered or requested outside of the family court. Each class is taught by two Co-Leaders. 

Beyond Conflict Topics Include:

  • Co-parenting Partner Communications

  • Respect for Co-Parenting Partner

  • Managed Emotions & Being Present

  • Taking Responsibility for Behavior

  • Understanding Child/ren's Perspective

Beyond Conflict Expectations:

  • Participation in All Class Activities

  • Prompt Start Times

  • Pass/Fail Certificate

Cost: $500/person, With Mandatory Participation by Both Co-Parents

Location: 12350 Industry Way, Ste 218

Wednesdays from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. 


Custody Evaluation is a court ordered/appointed service that evaluates the two co-parents homes, which gives the parents a chance to voice their concerns to a professional in the areas of child development and mental health. Courts often ask co-parents to participate in this service when there are allegations of family violence, high conflict behaviors, significant mental health problems, concerns about the co-parent's significant other, substance abuse, and alienation or estrangement of children. The information gathered can aid the court in making decisions around custody and visitation. 

Expert Testimony & Parenting Assessments

In Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) matters, a Qualified Expert Witness (QEW) is required to form an opinion as to whether there is cause to believe that the continued custody of the children by their parents is likely to result in serious emotional or physical damage if returned to either parent. Jaime has been qualified as a QEW in both the Alaska and Oregon courts, around a combined amount of 200 times. The Alaska Supreme Court has consistently recognized the credibility of Jaime's QEW testimony. 


Parenting Assessments

At the request of the Office of Children's Services, Alaska's child protection agency, Jaime provides forensic social work services in evaluating parenting capacities, specifically assisting in identifying parental strengths and challenges. The evaluations also provide recommendations to assist families in the reunification process, when appropriate and in the child's best interest. Parenting evaluations do not involve any form of psychological testing, nor diagnosis. 

Parent Coordination is a form of dispute resolution for co-parents navigating through high conflict divorce and custody matters. Co-parents are guided through the process of practicing healthy communication that is centered around their child. Services require appointment through the Court. It is never too early or late to begin!

Divorce and Co-Parenting Consulting and Coaching

This is a customizable approach that does not require a court appointment and works for families with mild to moderate conflict levels. The main goal is to help parents learn how to work together while reducing the amount of stress their children experience due to their conflicts. 

This service can occur just once, take place over a short-term period or be ongoing. It can be conducted individually or jointly. 

Consultations and coaching can be done in person, through phone contact or through email. 

Through this service, parents:

  • Have an informed, neutral party to help resolve conflicts pertaining to parenting decisions.

  • Learn effective co-parenting communication skills

  • Discover healthy ways to address and reduce conflict

  • Determine the best modes for inter-parental communication and interactions

  • Learn to make parenting decisions together

  • Find ways to reduce the negative impact divorce can have on children

  • Ascertain the best way to talk to their children about separation and divorce

  • Can determine when and how to introduce children to a dating partner

Please note that when conflict levels are high, I recommend the parenting coordination service. 

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